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Australian Cities

  • Melbourne Favourable to the Circle. Prince Fenris Black (Invictus).
  • Sydney
  • Perth

Belgian Cities

Canadian Cities

  • Charlottetown, P.E.I. Little known about this city to any Kindred.
  • Fredericton, NB
  • Halifax, NS
  • Hamilton, ON Favourable to non-stupid Crone. Ruled by a Magistrate - Bishop Tremonto (Lancea Sanctum). Current Heirophant: Jade Tworaven
  • London, ON Favourable to the Crone. Ruled by Prince Aiden. Current Heirophant: Vlast Almedya (sp?). Contact can also be made through Jade Tworaven
  • Toronto
  • Montreal Very favourable to the Crone. Ruled by Council. Heirophant: Ludmilla (known Gangrel). Banned to the Lancea Sanctum.
  • Sherbrooke, Que."
  • St. John, N.B.
  • Victoria, B.C.
  • Vancouver, B.C. Unfriendly environment to Crone. Ruled by the Citizen's Council. Heavy Lancea Sanctum influence that fluxuates opposite to Montreal.

Japanese Cities

  • Okinawa, Japan. Favorable to the Circle. Imperial-Prince Malik Haqim. (Nago, Naha and Okinawa City are united as one controlled area) Circle Contact: Malik Haqim Hierophant of Japan.
  • Tokyo, Japan Tolerant to the Circle . Prince Edward Scallini (Lancea Sanctum). Circle Contact: Caiya

New Zealand Cities

United Kingdom Cities

  • London, England
  • Essecks, England The mad crone Prince Evelyn Adams has recently fallen and crones may want to step carefully in this domain.
  • Southwark, England We hold the Praxis. Sultan Jessica of the Circle holds it. Officially Covenant does not exist within Southwark, this is good, it means we can do what we want. OOC Circle contact: Ashley Perryman
  • Kent, England Victoria Whiteoak is Prince of Kent she is firm but fair and has forbidden any open hostility between the Covenants. Kent has a large Crone presence but things are still a little strained. OOC Circle contact: Ian J Philo

United States Cities

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey Favorable/neutral to the Circle Prince: Mackenzie Du Mont Circle Contact: Julia Fortenza, Hierophant
  • Boston, Massachusetts Hostile to the Circle, but making strides toward Tolerance. Do not perform Crúac in the presence of the Cardinal. Sovereign: Cardinal Marcus Dirae. Circle contact: Ambrose Goddard, one of the Paired Hierophants.
  • DeKalb, Illinois Neutral/intolerant towards the Circle. Prince: Alim Essecks of the Ordo Dracul. Circle Contact: Rumored to be a reclusive elder named Astrologos.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas Hostile to the Circle, a Sanctified city. Do not perform any rituals in the presence of the Cardinal or most Sanctified. Prince: Cardinal Tiernan Callaghan. Circle Contact: Quitalla Montalvio, Hierophant and Primogen for Little Rock, AR.
  • Gainesville, Florida Covenant Ascendant. Sovereign: Prince Adrianna Nikkos (House Vitelion, Daeva). Circle contact: Wise, Hierophant of Gainesville.
  • Orlando, Florida Neutral to the Circle. Sovereign: Aleksandyr Evengii. Circle contact: Maxwell Belkar, Hierophant of Orlando and Madam Marie, Regent of the Circle of the Crone.
  • Toledo, Ohio Tolerant of the Circle. Prince: Johanna Sutter of the Invictus. Circle Contact: Elisa Sutter Hierophant and Primogen.
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